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Pucci | Pirtle is excited to announce that the firm is expanding in order to meet the needs of our current and future clients, and with this expansion we are pleased to welcome Attorney Thomas Spencer IV to the firm!

Thomas Spencer earned his Bachelor of Arts from Truman State University in 2002, and graduated cum laude from Northern Illinois College of Law in 2006. He then began his career practicing law as a prosecutor for several cities and villages in McHenry County, Illinois. Since leaving prosecution in 2008, Attorney Spencer has concentrated his practice in the areas of criminal defense and family matters, including divorce, complex custody, matrimonial law, and domestic violence matters.

He now uses his wealth of experience, both in negotiation and litigation, to help each of his clients maneuver their way through their own unique and difficult situation. Thomas has a distinctive understanding of what it means to be in family crisis, allowing him to simplify and explain the often complex and confusing situations confronting his clients. He combines empathy and understanding with an aggressive and calculated approach in each every case. This methodology allows him to maximize not only the potential outcomes for his clients, but also his clients’ understanding of the process.

In addition to serving his clients’ interests, Mr. Spencer has sought to give back to the community that he has called home for most of his life. In 2011, he volunteered to serve as a member of the McHenry County Ethics Commission. After being appointed by the McHenry County Board, he was soon elected to chair that commission. He served as chairperson until February of 2015. Mr. Spencer has also been a member of the Illinois State Bar Association, McHenry County Bar Association, and the Kane County Bar Association and continues to be active in the community.

To set up your consultation with Attorney Thomas Spencer, give our office a call at 847-426-1866.