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We have all heard the horror stories of divorce cases that take endless months—and sometimes years—to resolve. The spouses could not reach an agreement and, as a result, handed the matter over to the courts to decide. The court system, as most people are aware, can be notoriously slow, especially when there is little common ground between the parties. Of course, nobody wants a divorce to carry on longer than it must. Under the best of circumstances, the end of a marriage is likely to be a stressful and burdensome time, both emotionally and financially, and there are alternatives to battling your spouse in the courtroom.

Mediation offers one way for soon-to-be ex-spouses to negotiate various conditions of the divorce without relying on a judge to make a decision. While the end of marriage may ignite disputes related to child custody (parental responsibilities), spousal support, and other matters, a couple can often save time and money by trying to resolve their differences through mediation.

Reasons to Consider Divorce Mediation in Illinois

Should your divorce go to trial, you will probably be required to make multiple appearances in court. Court appearances generally require divorcing spouses to take time off work or to hire a babysitter. Also, litigated proceedings generally may lead to higher attorney fees. During mediation, though, couples resolve disputes without extensive courtroom proceedings.

Every year, more than 30,000 Illinois couples get divorced. With so many cases to handle, it is little wonder that the family court system is backlogged in most counties. Mediation offers divorcing couples the opportunity to expedite the proceedings without waiting for a scheduled court date. In most cases, mediation sessions are scheduled at the convenience of the parties and the mediator, meaning that evening and weekend sessions are often possible. In addition to the added convenience, flexible scheduling allows for faster resolution and reduced stress and anxiety.

Perhaps the most important reason to consider meditation is the control that it offers. If your divorce goes to trial, you are leaving life-changing decisions to be made by the judge—essentially a total stranger. In mediation, you and your spouse have the ability to create a customized agreement that accurately reflects your wants and needs.

Divorce Mediation in Kane County

If you are going through a divorce and feel that mediation may be right for you, contact an experienced Kane County family law attorney. Call us at 847-426-1866 or 630-945-8807 today. We can assess your case, explain your rights, and answer any questions you may have about mediation during the divorce process.