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For many generations—centuries, even—divorce carried with it a sort of social stigma. A person who could not make his or her marriage work was often seen by his or her peers as a failure or, in some cases, immoral. While there are still social circles in which divorce is frowned upon and somewhat unacceptable, most of Western Culture has come to accept divorce as a reality of modern life.

Perhaps one of the most obvious examples of this is the increasing popularity of divorce parties—literal parties thrown to mark the end of a marriage. Party planners and DJs across the country have begun advertising their services for divorce parties which are intended to ease the transition for the newly-divorced into their new life.

Together or Separate?

While it may be surprising, some couples are ready and willing to throw a divorce party together, offering their friends and loved ones the opportunity to begin accepting the reality of their divorce. In other situations, a divorce party may be thrown for one spouse by his or her friends, honoring him or her as an individual ready to embark on a new journey. Depending on the circumstances surrounding the marriage or divorce, a divorce party can be customized to address each person’s needs.

Guest Lists

Some people, as you might expect, are not comfortable with the idea of celebrating the end of marriage. That is entirely their prerogative to feel this way, and nobody should force an unapproving person to attend a divorce party. If you are throwing a divorce party for yourself or a recently-divorced friend, be sure the guest list includes people who will contribute to the atmosphere of fun, healing, and letting loose. The period after a divorce can be very difficult, so filling a party with skeptical guests to entertain and impress could be counterproductive.

Stay Positive and Healthy

A divorce party should not be an occasion for denigrating the recently-ended marriage or for “roasting” the divorcee’s ex-spouse. Rather it should be an opportunity for fun, relaxation, and turning point toward more hopeful days. Do not allow excessive drinking or drug use, as high emotions combined with chemical unpredictability could spell disaster. Similarly, do not attempt to set the divorcee up with a new romantic partner or one night stand. He or she should be focused on healing, not rebounding or revenge.

Before a Divorce Party…

…the divorce should be finalized, and an experienced Kane County divorce attorney can help you get there. Whether you choose to have a party or not, you must ensure that all of the details of your divorce are adequately addressed. Call Pucci Pirtle today at 847-426-1866 or  630-945-8807 to get the guidance you need as you dissolve your marrirage.