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Family Law Attorneys Assisting Clients with Divorce Decree Modifications in Kane and McHenry Counties

Even after successful negotiations in a divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities case (formerly known as child custody), or child support matter, life can change and turn everything upside down. Sometimes, those changes facilitate an update to the original decree. At Pucci Pirtle, we serve as strong advocates for those seeking post-decree modifications, and we can help you work toward an agreement that reflects the changes in your familys life.

Spousal and Child Support Modifications

There are a number of reasons that child support or spousal maintenance orders may need to be modified. Financial circumstances can change without warning, making it difficult for a party to pay their ordered support. Or, the supporting party may experience a significant increase in income. Alternatively, the receiving party may become financially self-sufficient. Our attorneys are highly experienced in handling such situations, and we can aggressively work in your best interests, whatever your support needs may be.

Modifications to Child Custody

As children grow and families change, parents may wish to make adjustments to child custody or the allocation of parental responsibilities. Custody and the allocation of parental responsibilities are always modificable, provided that the change is considered to be in the best interests of the child or children. Alternatively, parents may need to seek protection for children who have been abused or neglected. Because these instances require significant proof, and the children may be placed at risk if missteps are taken, parents should seek high-quality legal assistance if they suspect their child has been neglected or abused..

Our attorneys provide experienced guidance, sound counsel, and aggressive representation in all cases involving modifications to parental responsibilities, including those that involve child neglect or abuse. We can help put orders of protection in place, guide you with moving forward within the framework of the law, and serve as a compassionate advocate in a troublesome situation.

Child Relocation in Kane and McHenry Counties

When a new job opportunity arises, the assistance of family is needed, or the educational or social needs of a child would better be served by moving, a parent may request a relocation. Though a highly complex situation, relocation may be granted if it is found to be in the best interests of the child. However, there are other considerations that may be considered as well, such as the motives behind the move or the potential quality of life after the move. Our family law team can ensure you are effectively represented in these matters. Relocation requests are not easy, and the law relating to relocation requests is murky.

At Pucci Pirtle, we are knowledgeable in a wide range of family law issues, including post-decree modifications of divorce orders. Our attorneys offer personalized and compassionate services to help your family transition to the next phase in your life. Contact us at 847-426-1866 in Elgin, IL or 630-945-8807 in St. Charles, IL to discuss your family law needs.

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