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b2ap3_thumbnail_divorce_640.jpgIf you are married or in a serious relationship, you probably already know that there are nearly infinite topics couples argue about. While many couples are able to weather such arguments, other relationships begin to crumble and may head toward divorce. Some couples argue about money while others argue about sex or household chores. A new study shows that there is one topic that seems especially controversial in many marriages: when the children should go to bed.

The study from Penn State University has found that disagreements over children’s bedtime can lead to major tension in the marriage and can even lead to divorce. The researchers surveyed 167 mothers and 155 fathers about their child or children’s bedtime routine. The study found that mothers who believed young children should be tended to throughout the night had more tension and worse communication with the child's father than other mothers. Couples also disagreed about how and when children should be put to sleep.  

Frank and Honest Communication Can Prevent Disagreements Later in the Marriage

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