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Kane and McHenry County Divorce Attorneys

In Illinois, marital assets are meant to be distributed equitably between both parties during a divorce. Unfortunately, some spouses will go to almost any length to keep more than their fair share. At Pucci Pirtle, we understand that asset hiding practices and tactics create a unique set of challenges. Our attorneys are highly knowledgeable in these practices and, because we have your best interest in mind, we work hard to help you overcome those obstacles. We use every possible measure to uncover hidden assets in your high asset divorce and take aggressive action to get you the settlement you deserve.

Hidden Asset Discovery

When one party manages the finances of a household, the other is often left in the dark. This can lead to a number of problems during divorce. Access to financial records may be limited or non-existent, and asking your spouse may produce little to no real results. But even if documentation is obtained, a lack of prior knowledge about your marital assets or accounts can make it difficult to know if anything is missing or unaccounted for. Our attorneys can help discover this missing information to ensure your marital estate is accurately valued and that you receive a fair settlement.

Not sure if your spouse is trying to hide assets? Here are a few things to watch for:

  • Disappearing valuables, such as artwork, furnishings, or jewelry;
  • Missing or disappearing financial documents;
  • Secretive or confrontational behavior when asking about finances;
  • Large withdrawals from a joint bank account;
  • Locked doors or drawers; and
  • Any other odd or shady behavior.

Even if you did not make a financial contribution to your marriage, you made an investment of your time and energy. Maybe you stayed home and cared for your children, or sacrificed furthering your education or career so that your spouse could pursue their dream job. Whatever the situation, you deserve your fair share of the marital estate.

Contact a Skilled Elgin or St. Charles Divorce Lawyer

At Pucci Pirtle, we understand that your financial future is in our hands. Our attorneys respond to your trust by providing your case with the respect it deserves. We take your suspicions of asset hiding seriously and use our investigative knowledge and experience to your benefit to ensure you receive the settlement you deserve. To learn what a difference high-quality services can make in your divorce case, contact us at 847-426-1866 in Elgin, IL or 630-945-8807 in St. Charles, IL to schedule your free initial consultation. We serve clients in Algonquin, Geneva, Crystal Lake, and Huntley, as well as the surrounding suburbs throughout Kane, DuPage, and McHenry Counties.

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