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Elgin, Illinois Asset Protection Attorneys

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Experienced Divorce Lawyers Protecting the Assets and Investments of Clients

In the process of divorce, marital assets are equitably divided between both parties. However, a number of circumstances could arise and cause you to lose more than your fair share. At Pucci Pirtle, we understand the importance of accurate asset valuation and division. Our skilled legal team can help you protect any assets or investments that rightfully belong to you and aggressively work toward the most favorable settlement in high asset divorce.

Asset and Investment Protection in Illinois

Divorcing parties should always seek high-quality legal counsel to ensure their assets and investments are effectively protected. Even if a divorce is expected to be amicable, circumstances change and matters can quickly become contentious. Furthermore, some spouses may attempt to hide assets or alter the value of a marital estate to increase their share in the settlement. Our attorneys can help you avoid many of these potential pitfalls and assist you if a problem arises. We work hard to meet your needs and can either attempt to negotiate a fair settlement or immediately take matters to litigation.

In addition, our lawyers can assist you in understanding the difference between asset protection and asset hiding. We can explain how to legally protect your assets and investments and ensure your marital estate is accurately valued. In the meantime, you can start protecting your assets and investments now by:

  • Opening a separate bank account to deposit and hold all non-marital assets;
  • Gathering financial documents on joint and separate accounts, investments, assets, and debts (always make extra copies and store them in a safe place);
  • Taking pictures of any valuable property that you do not have financial information for;
  • Contacting your bank to verify deposit amounts and compare them to your statements;
  • Closing joint credit cards or credit accounts;
  • Building up (or establishing) your own credit; and
  • Saving and budgeting for legal expenses, and your future.

Also, you should let our legal team know if you suspect that your spouse is trying to hide assets or alter the value of your marital estate. We are knowledgeable in the practices used by those who wish to take more than their fair share, and we will take aggressive steps to protect your financial future.

Contact Kane and McHenry County Divorce Attorneys

If you are planning on filing for divorce or have already started the process, Pucci Pirtle can help you protect your assets and investments. Our attorneys are committed to your best interests, and we will assert your legal rights in negotiation or litigation. We will stand by you and advocate for your needs, regardless of how complex your divorce may be. To schedule your free and confidential consultation, contact us at 847-426-1866 (Elgin, IL area) or 630-945-8807 (St. Charles, IL area). We also serve clients in Huntley, Crystal Lake, Geneva, and Algonquin, as well as Kane, McHenry, and DuPage Counties.

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