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In nearly every divorce consultation we conduct, our client asks us this question – how long will my divorce take? And if our client does not ask, we generally supply them with the answer anyway because odds are they forgot to ask it in the flurry of other information we were exchanging and discussing during our consultation.

And our answer is almost always the same: the divorce process lasts as long as two spouses make it last. The start and the end of a divorce case are generally the same: you start by filing, and end with either a settlement or a trial – but the middle – the middle is whatever you make of it, and whatever the other sides chooses to make of it.

Can We Settle with a Quick Divorce?

The divorce process can be quick, if the parties swiftly agree upon settlement terms that ultimately both parties’ counsel advise them are acceptable (it is never advisable to agree to settlement terms without having them first reviewed by your attorney); it is also important if settlement terms are reached fairly quickly that both parties are well advised of the assets and debts and are comfortable making decisions about the allocation of assets and debts based on complete knowledge of what the marital estate, and each party, possesses.

Not Every Divorce Is Resolved with a Trial.

If we are able to determine a set of terms that both parties agree to – that resolve all pending issues in your divorce, settlement documents are drafted and your case is finalized with one Court date. No trial is necessary.

However, not all divorces are quick. Some may take years. There are many ways you can work to keep your case from being a drawn-out ordeal that weighs heavily on your pocketbook and psyche, but it is important that you discuss this with your attorney from the initial meeting. Make sure you trust your attorney, and that you trust your attorney understands what your priorities are. The attorney-client relationship in a divorce matter is of utmost importance. If you second-guess your lawyer, and your lawyer second-guesses your priorities or actions, your case may take longer and the outcome may be different than you expected, or wanted.

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