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Mediation is the process by which a neutral third party aids two conflicting parties to promote settlement or compromise. Oftentimes, the mediation process helps disputing parties identify and resolve emotional issues that are not truly thought of as part of the divorce or custody process.  Thus, the practice of mediation may allow divorcing parties to address and resolve matters the court or the law deems either irrelevant or inappropriate.


In the area of family law, the Illinois Supreme Court has made mediation a mandatory process for parents, married or unmarried, that are unable to resolve custody and come to an agreement on their own.  A mediator is appointed by the Court in these situations, and is either a lawyer or a therapist.  Lawyers acting as mediators do not represent the individual parties, so it is always prudent to consult with a lawyer prior to engaging in mediation so you can understand the issues in your case and the process a court would follow.  It is often thought that a mediator takes the place of a lawyer, but this is incorrect; most mediating parties have attorneys that can advise them of the law regarding custody and parenting time.

With few exceptions, the mediation process if confidential.  Please give our office a call to inquire as to whether our attorneys can help you through mediation.