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Last year, the infamous affair website Ashely Madison made international headlines when the information of some 30 million users was leaked to the public. The leak and the ensuing scandal led to celebrity breakups and questions of trust for millions of couples across the country, presumably many of whom ultimately decided to divorce.

More than a year later, Ashley Madison has attempted to transform its image and shift its focus away from extramarital affairs and more toward open-minded adult relationships. But now, another potential data breach on a different site may be poised to start the whole pattern over again.

Hackers Strike Again

Reports are starting to spread about a possible leak involving the Friend Finder Network, a conglomeration of a number of adult-oriented websites, including the adult dating service AdultFriendFinder. According to estimates, hackers have gained access to approximately 412 million accounts, including more than 300 million from AdultFriendFinder alone. Some 15 million of these accounts, sources say, were allegedly deleted by their respective users, but the site continued to hold on to them, possibly creating serious problems for users who have already separated themselves from the sites.

Compared to the Ashley Madison leak, the current suspected dump involves about 10 times more accounts, but, experts suggest that the AdultFriendFinder accounts include less personal details than those associated with Ashley Madison. That, however, will come as a little comfort if the owners of the compromised accounts suddenly start receiving emails threatening to expose them to friends and family.

Could Your Family Be Affected?

It is possible that your spouse is among those whose accounts have been hacked in the Friend Finder Network attack. Before you make assumptions and take action, however, talk to your spouse and try to determine what may have led him or her to such sites. If it is an issue that can be addressed within your marriage, make every effort to do so. You and your partner may have different standards as to what constitutes inappropriate behavior and it is important to set ground rules as you move forward.

If your marriage is beyond repair, on the other hand, it is time to speak with an experienced Kane County divorce attorney. Call 847-426-1866 or 630-945-8807 to schedule a confidential consultation with the knowledgeable team at Pucci | Pirtle today. We will provide the guidance and representation you need as you look to create a better life for yourself and your children.