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CHILD CUStoDY & Child Support

Pucci  |  Pirtle: Practice Areas – Child Custody

The most challenging and sensitive matters in family law are without question those pertaining to children.

Pucci | Pirtle gives these emotionally-charged issues the thoughtful care and attention they deserve. Our lawyers work to preserve the best interests of the children by helping parents consider how their decisions may affect their family, immediately and in the foreseeable future.


There was nothing more emotional than having to discuss my children and how they will were going to be impacted by our divorce. Pucci | Pirtle brought me in, kept me safe, and fiercely advocated for what was best for me and my family.

~ Allie P.

Child Custody | Visitation

In addition, the needs of children and families often change with time. Our attorneys are veterans at getting the modifications to the allocation of parental responsibilities (child custody) and parenting time (visitation) needed in response to such changes.

Pucci | Pirtle

practice AREAS | Child Support

Pucci  |  Pirtle: Practice Areas – Child Support

Educating our clients about what to expect when pursuing child support is as necessary as filing the legal paperwork. Understanding the legal complexities and the amount of support that can be awarded are critical components of our work as attorneys at Pucci | Pirtle.

The law states clearly that all parents have a financial obligation to their children. But, the law itself doesn’t make the conversations about children, their welfare, and parental responsibilities any easier. That’s why candid and open conversations built on mutual respect are imperative. The relationships we develop with our clients allow us to better serve their needs.

~ Julie Pirtle

Child Support | Variations Over Time

On top of managing this process, our firm knows that the needs of children and families will change over time. Modifications to child support orders may need to be made in response to those changes – and, we are prepared to address them.

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