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Maintenance and Alimony
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Maintenance and Alimony

Maintenance, formerly known as alimony, is spousal support from one spouse to the other spouse, potentially paid both during and after the divorce proceeding. While maintenance has a statutory formula, there are other factors taken into consideration when determining the amount and duration of maintenance. We understand that whether you are receiving maintenance or paying maintenance, it is important that you are fully advised of how this is calculated and how to plan your finances moving forward.

After separating from my husband of sixteen years, I had no idea how I would support myself financially after we stopped living together. Julia broke down the numbers for me and answered every question I had as we planned for my finances post-divorce.

~ Tamara G.

We understand that issues involving finances are personal and sensitive. We approach each client with patience and honesty to help explain the laws regarding spousal support as well as how to plan for these changes after your divorce.

Maintenance | Issues:

  • Duration of Marriage
  • Remarriage or Cohabitation
  • Retirement
  • Tax Implications
  • Modification/Termination of Maintenance

Pucci | Pirtle understands that each case presents unique financial circumstances that require specific courses of action. We are here to discuss spousal support with you as well as other options in your divorce that may be suitable given the facts at hand. We pride ourselves in discussing the various options with our client and working to meet their specific needs.

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