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When family legal matters such as separation, divorce or matrimonial matters become contentious or emotionally charged, mediation offers an efficient and inexpensive opportunity for resolution for all parties involved. Pucci | Pirtle mediation attorneys are trained to work with clients, attorneys, and other mediators to find a peaceful resolution for families.

Mediation with Pucci | Pirtle eased the conflict within my family and allowed us to reach amicable and mutually beneficial agreements.

~ Sam S.

Benefits | Mediation

  • Less time intensive than traditional methods
  • Scheduling flexibility
  • Meets more diverse needs
  • Expanded opportunity for topics to discuss
  • Increased privacy
  • No court room = lower overall cost compared court proceedings
  • More options for end solutions
  • Reduces conflict and protects children from the negative effects of litigation

Mediation is about helping clients to respect open communication, practice cooperation, and be willing to reach an agreement that is desirable to all parties involved.

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