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Prenuptial agreements, also referred to as antenuptial agreements, are becoming increasingly common. Pucci | Pirtle attorneys understand that discussing a prenuptial agreement with a future spouse can be uncomfortable or awkward and we strive to ease this discomfort by open communication with our clients and ensuring that their prenuptial agreement is thorough and written to protect them.

A prenuptial agreement is such an important tool in the unfortunate event that your marriage ends in divorce. I tell my clients that drafting the document and keeping it filed away is the best course of action. Best case scenario, they won’t ever have to look at it again. Worst case scenario, the court has a roadmap to streamline various divorce issues and our clients are grateful they took the time to resolve issues before they became issues.

~ Julia A. Pucci

It’s imperative that when entering into a prenuptial agreement, the document conform to the current laws and that it is executed properly. Our goal is to make sure you understand the document and that it will follow your specific objectives. We are happy to discuss what your goals are with a prenuptial agreement as well as make recommendations based on our experience.

Prenuptial Agreement | Considerations:

  • Second Marriages
  • High-Asset/Net-Worth Clients
  • Family Businesses
  • Change in Tax Laws

Because the law is continuously changing, you want to ensure that your prenuptial agreement is written broadly enough to protect you in the event of a substantial legal change but specific enough to ensure your interests are protected. Our experienced attorneys are skilled in drafting language that will adequately ensure your needs are addressed and account for various changes.

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