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Emotional Affairs Can Be Detrimental to a Marriage

Many married individuals have encountered a similar dilemma. They open their spouse’s laptop and see an extremely personal email to a person they do not know. Others read text messages on their partner’s cell phone and discover flirtatious texts to his or her...

Are You Ready for Summer Vacation?

The weather is getting warmer, and schoolchildren can hardly stay in their seats. This can only mean one thing: summer break is nearly upon us. While your children are excited for the break from school, you may be worrying about how this break will affect your...

Handling Digital Assets in an Illinois Divorce

Property division in a divorce can become as contentious and stressful as any other aspect of the process. In today's world, however, dividing marital assets may be even more complicated than ever before. With more and more people owning digital property, many...

Is Your Spouse Gaslighting You?

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, 40% of both men and women have been victims of “coercive control” by their significant other. This is a form of domestic violence which is rarely talked about but is sadly common. Abuse in a relationship...

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