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Temporary Maintenance During a Divorce

Many people feel as though they are stuck in a bad marriage due to the state of their finances. If you are dependent on your spouse’s income, you may be able to get temporary financial support for yourself and for your children as you work your way through the process...

Safeguarding Your Inheritance in Divorce

Getting married can be an extremely happy time in a person’s life. During this time, you may be focused on the wedding day and your upcoming honeymoon. However, spending some time on a properly-drafted prenuptial agreement could ensure your future happiness, even in...

Can Cheating Affect My Divorce?

It is nearly impossible to estimate how many people have ever cheated on their spouse. This is true for several reasons. First, not all couple define cheating the same way. Next, not everyone who has been unfaithful is likely to admit it, even to an impartial...

New Child Support Guidelines Coming to Illinois

The term narcissist is used colloquially to refer to selfish or vain individuals. However, there is a medical condition known as Narcissistic Personality Disorder which can be very destructive both to sufferers and to those in relationships with them. The disorder can...

Consider Mediation for Your Divorce

We have all heard the horror stories of divorce cases that take endless months—and sometimes years—to resolve. The spouses could not reach an agreement and, as a result, handed the matter over to the courts to decide. The court system, as most people are aware, can be...

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