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Temporary Parenting Orders in Illinois

The Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act states that a separating parent has a right to pursue a temporary parenting arrangement regarding his or her child while working through the divorce process. The temporary parenting agreement—commonly referred to...

Modifying Your Order for Child Support

If you are a divorced parent of a minor child, there is a very good chance that you currently pay or receive child support. It is the responsibility of every parent to help provide for their child’s basic needs, and child support orders are intended to formalize that...

Two Spouses, Two Divorce Attorneys

The process of divorce is rarely easy. While some cases may be more complex than others, disentangling the lives of two people joined in marriage will always involve at least some challenges along the way. Most individuals who are considering a divorce recognize the...

Paying For Your Child’s College Expenses

It is hard to believe that the current school year is already halfway over. Just a few short weeks ago, students of all ages were enjoying their summer break and, now, the fall semester has come and gone, at least in many districts. For high school seniors, the next...

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