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Pucci | Pirtle Resources: Education & Events

BE GONE stuffy approach to practicing law; we get out in the community and make it a point to get- in-your-face for events that will truly help, inspire and benefit not only clients, but everyone.

Community Events

Find us in the community blazing trails & helping those in need.

Breakfast Briefs

Enjoy a no pressure & confidential opportunity to help people with questions regarding divorce, custody, or matrimonial matters over coffee, tea & a light breakfast. Pinkies-up!

Divorcee Support Session  

A no obligation “get-together” to connect divorcees with others, answer questions, and lighten the mood for people during the most challenging moment in their life. These. Are. FUN

Informative Videos

Can’t handle our energy LIVE all the time – NO problem! Learn more to make better decisions at your leisure with our helpful online video series

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Pucci | Pirtle Approach

When hiring an attorney, you want sound advice and expect quality representation. The approach at Pucci | Pirtle is to simply focus on YOU and protecting your RIGHTS.

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