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By now, most of you have estate plans. Right? If not, stop reading and call us. If you do, you need to make sure that your plan is up-to-date and that it not only reflects your current wishes but also your current financial circumstances. So when should you review your estate plan? There may be other times to evaluate your current plan, but at a minimum, make sure you take action upon any of the following events:

1) Marriage or divorce;

2) The birth of a child or the death of a child;

3) The death of a spouse or a person named in your current estate plan as a beneficiary, executor, trustee, or agent;

4) When there has been a large change (positive or negative) in the value of your estate; or

5) The purchase or sale of a parcel of real estate.

If any of these situations have occurred in your life since you last updated your estate plan, please contact us to schedule an appointment to address your current needs.