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I get a lot of questions as to who we represent – mostly men going through a divorce or mostly women going through a divorce? And to be honest, when it comes to our divorce clientele – we represent both; we truthfully do not tend to represent one sex more often over the other.

After this question is answered I tend to get questions regarding divorce for women vs. divorce for men – how is it different? And the answer is, again, not very exciting – divorce isn’t different for women versus men. The age-old stereotypes – that men made the money for the family while the women raised the children – don’t apply anymore. And I’m not being Pollyanna PC when I say this; I have several women clients who are the “breadwinners” and I also have male clients who are primarily staying at home with the children.

The real question to ask when you are considering a divorce isn’t a mere question – “what can I get as a woman?” But a set of questions – “here are the facts of my case .what are my options and potential outcomes given those dynamics?”

All families are different, and this means that so are divorces. One size fits most does not apply.